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Ximena Berecochea, (México City). In addition to being a photo-based artist, Berecochea has combined her artistic work with an academic career in the field of language and literature. Her photographic work is closely linked to both linguistic concepts and literary texts. Berecochea has a PH.D. from the University of Toronto in Hispanic literature. Her research focuses on the impact generated by the inclusion of visual art in texts of contemporary Mexican literature. She also has a master’s degree in Comparative Literature from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and a master’s in Spanish and Latin American Literature from the University of Toronto. Berecochea has specialized in the study of artistic productions that combine different media and forms of representation. In turn, she explores hybrid languages in her own work. Berecochea has had exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Japan, China, and Indonesia. Her solo exhibitions have been presented at YYZ Artists’ Outlet in Canada (2019), Index G in Canada (2011), the OMR Gallery in Mexico (2003), The Other Gallery, as part of the Banff Center for the Arts in Canada (2003 and 2001), Spectrum -Sotos Gallery in Spain (2001), the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico (2000) among others. Her latest shows will be presented at LALA Contemporary in Canada (2023) and Flavia Galería in Mexico (2023). Berecochea ‘s work has been published in Mexico, Canada, the United States, Spain, Italy, France, and Austria in publishers such as Alfaguara (Jacobo el mutante, Mexico 2002 – a collaboration with Mario Bellatin), Plaza y Janes (Shiki Nagaoka: a fictional nose, Barcelona, 2001 – a collaboration with Mario Bellatin); and in various art books, magazines and catalogues such as Double-Double in Canada (2022), Exit in Spain (2020), Women behind the lens. One hundred years of photographic creation in Mexico 1910-2010 (2011), 52 Women in Mexican Art (2005), Private in Italy (2001), FotoFest Catalog in the United States (1998) and Camera Austria International in Austria (1997), among others. Her work is part of collections such as the National Photographic Archive of La Fototeca del INAH in Pachuca Hgo. (Mexico), the Walter Phillipps Collection of the Banff Arts Center (Canada) and the Collection of the Museo del Carmen (Mexico). In addition to being a member of the National System of Art Creators (FONCA) since 2021, Berecochea has received several scholarships and recognitions in both the academic and the arts fields. Some of the support for artistic creation that she has received are “Visual Artists Creation Projects” (Ontario Arts Council, 2021), “Exhibition Assistance Grant” (Ontario Arts Council, 2023 and 2019), “Special support” funding to finalize a documentary co-produced with Salvador Alanis about Mexican artists of the generation of the nineties (FONCA, 2017), “Artistic residencies – Photographers and writers, Mérida / Banff ” (FONCA Banff Centre, 2002-2003), “Artistic Residency” (FONCA Banff Centre, 2001) and “Jóvenes Creadores” (FONCA 1994-1995 / 1998-1999). Since 2016 Berecochea has been co-founder and program director of ICE Institute for Creative Exchange in Toronto, Canada, where she lives. At ICE, Ximena has developed projects that connect Mexican and international artists with the art community in Canada through programs that include intensive workshops, residencies, exhibitions, and conferences.

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