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Marv Houngbo is a multidisciplinary Artist, Music Producer and DJ. Marv is also the founder of UAC ( Unity Arts Collective ) which is a space and platform for BIPOC Queer and Trans, BIPOC Artists in Canada.

Through UAC Marv started throwing a party in Montreal called “Growing pains” Prioritizing Black Queer and Trans Artists in the Underground Music scene in Montreal and giving  BIPOC Artists a platform to DJ and show off music they’ve made in general.

Marv Studied Acting in Vancouver and Musical Production and Sound in Montreal and Toronto. They have also worked in Harm reduction and have been apart of and helped start many Community initiatives.

Outside of being a Creative Marv Enjoys Swimming, Cooking with friends and family, Picnics, making their own Juice, Nature, Fashion, going to Comedy and Travels.

Marv’s Art /Work

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