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Residing in Toronto, Canada, Simin Keramati (Persian سیمین کرامتی , Born 1970) is an Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist.

She has resisted the frames within which curators and gallerists typically place her art.

Working in photography, film, mixed media, and painting, Keramati references various elements from news and social media. Her personal life and her own body are sometimes present in her artworks. Her works often address themes of identity, diasporic experience, womens rights, and gender equality.

She received her Masters degree in fine arts from the Art University of Tehran. She started to teach art courses at The Azad University of Art in Tehran and eventually became a permanent faculty of Art and Architecture at Azad University.

She moved from her hometown of Tehran to live in Toronto in 2012 after struggling with serious depression in the aftermath of the protests in Iran in 2009. She also resigned from Azad University after moving to Toronto. After immigrating to Canada, she held exhibitions, delivered talks on art and culture, and taught classes in visual art and art history.

In her recent works, Keramati has been working on literature-based themes, reclaiming the role of women in classical literature and stories.

She was awarded the grand prize from Dhaka international biennial in 2003-04 for her video installation Rising up or falling down. She was also shortlisted for the MOPCAP (Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize) in 2009.

Keramatis works have been exhibited in Art galleries and Museums internationally, among the most recent of them are the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, RedCat Museum in the USA, Saarland Museum in Germany, and Whitechapel Gallery in London.

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