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Victoria Gibson (1956) creates media art that emerges from the nexus of art and technology to fuse previously discrete disciplines into Integrated Media productions. Profoundly influenced by Pauline Oliveros, her works often include environmental recordings and her music is often integrated with other media, such as interactive installation (Bandwidth, Share A Tweet) or film (Sound Seed: Tribute to Pauline Oliveros, Hold Your Breath). An early adopter of computers for music (synth and sequencing 1983), MIDI (1984), internet art (text 1989, web design 1995, tech for live stream 2005, streamed network media performance 2012), spacialized sound (from quad in 1990 to 16 channel in 2018) and gesture control (infra-red 2011). She continues to push the boundaries of the possible using technology in live performance or studio recordings.

Working with sound, using both electronic and acoustic source materials, while controlling visual processing to erase the boundaries between photography, film and live video capture; Victoria explores new compositional structures that create a dialogue between visual and audio elements. It is an important part of her practice to leave space for interpretation and improvisation when controlling audio and visual materials within these flexible containers.

In performance she triggers samples she recorded while controlling a variety of curated visual materials and playing electric guitar, percussion, or vocalizing. Her most recent work includes collaborating with a movement artist who was tracked to control visual events.

VIXmedia is the name of her production company producing media content for live performance, internet streaming or film. Victoria, holds a BA, major in music from UBC and is a resident of Vancouver, Canada.


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