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Kiran Bhumber ਕਿਰਨਦੀਪ ਕੌਰ ਭੰਬਰ is an Indo-Canadian interdisciplinary media artist, composer, sound designer, performer and educator. Her practice considers the mediation of memory, touch and performativity through constructing interactive installations and performance systems that use emerging interactive technologies and the body. As a composer, Kiran’s practice centers around multichannel and spatial arrangements and how the choreography of sound can influence the listeners notion of space, time and narrative. Considering physical and virtual presence, Bhumber co-created “Telepresence”, a networked virtual reality surround sound live performance presented by Western Front, and was a composer and sound designer for “Tidal Traces”, a virtual reality 360 dance film by Nancy Lee and Emmalena Fredriksson with the National Film Board of Canada. Kiran is a co-director and co-producer of INTER/MEDIATE, a media art educational festival focused on cultivating growth within Vancouver’s media art communities and empowering marginalized communities with access to workshops, artist talks and collaborative opportunities.

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