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KERUB is the newest project by burgeoning Vancouver based electronic producer, singer, and composer Vi Levitt. Influenced by an interaction between internet culture, their classical training, and multiple interlocking vocal styles, KERUB’s music explores the idea of creating electronic sounds that are shaped by lived experiences of grief, queerness and continuity. They foster a unique brand of experimental synth pop with influences from hyperpop, to trip hop, to folk music. Described as apocalyptic but playful, KERUB delivers anything from soft ambiance, to pop, to hard hitting drums that last well into the night. 


In 2018, KERUB released their debut EP, ‘GUARD’, as well as two companion works dubbed “Aspects” – followed up closely in 2020 with their sophomore release ‘GOLEM’ as well as ‘Is There Anything Left’. In 2021 they released, ‘Hypernormalized’. They are currently working on their debut album, titled “MIN”, which is due out in 2023.


As of 2023, KERUB has appeared on the bill of multiple festivals across Canada including: Vancouver’s Queer Arts Festival (2018/2019), Winnipeg’s Cluster Festival (2020 – digital edition), and St John’s Lawnya Vawnya (2022 edition). In addition they have appeared on Sled Island’s 2020 playlists for artists previously set to play at the festival prior to its postponement due to COVID-19. KERUB has taken part in multiple industry showcases and events, such as VIFF’s Amplify program, the VQFF’s Young Artist program, and the Vancouver Folk Festival’s Young Artist program.


KERUB’s music has attained radio play in and out of Canada, being played on stations such as WWU’s college radio, SMK CFRU 93.3, Vancouver’s Co-op radio CFRO 100.5; as well as multiple internet and FM radio stations throughout the country. In addition KERUB was featured on Vancouver-based record label OBSKUR Record’s monthly mix series for December 2021.


In 2021 KERUB composed instrumentals and appeared on 7 tracks for Vancouver-based pop artist Sad China’s debut album, ‘ilyimy’ (Independent release – affiliated with Fritz Media productions). In addition they have appeared on remix albums for artists such as Edmonton’s Pseudo-Antigone (54 Letters [KERUB Remix] – Into the Void of Infinite Remix, 2021), New York’s fdsdf (One of Those Days… [KERUB Remix] – One of Those Days…, 2022) and Sad China (NBL [KERUB Remix – ilyimy remixes, 2022).

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