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kimura byol lemoine (키무라 별 르뫈 – 木村 ビヨル レムワンー) is a conceptual multimedia feminist artist who works on identities (diaspora, ethnicity, colorism, post-colonialism, immigration, gender), and expresses it with calligraphypaintingsdigital imagespoemsvideos and collaborations. kimura*lemoine’s work has been exhibitedscreened, published and supported nationally and internationally. as curator, has developed projects that give voice and visibility to minorities

kimura*lemoine, as a Korean-born adoptee, is co-founder of Euro-Korean League (1991, Belgium), EKL-Korea Branch (1994, S/Korea), K.O.A (Korean Overseas Adoptee, 1996, Korea), KameleonZ (1996-1996, S/Korea), KimLeePark (1998, S/Korea) G.O.A’L (1998, S/Korea), O.K.A.Y.-Books (2001-2008, S/Korea-Canada), Orientity (2004-2007, worldwide), N.O.K.I.A.A. (Network of Korean International Adoptee Artists, 2010), A.Q.A (Asians/Autochtones/Afro-descendants Queer Adoptees, 2015), and zer latest contributions to the inter-racial adoptee community is  A.C.A (adoptees cultural archives, 2015)  to document the history of adoptee’s culture through media and arts, K.A.R.M.A (2018, Korea), and IbyangIN (2021).

As an artist, kimura*lemoine received grants from  Montreal Arts Interculturels,  Regard sur Montréal (CAM, NFB, ACIC), and Prize PowerHouse from La Centrale, a 2018 CALQ Grant for zer writing essay project ’88 etc. In 2020, kimura*lemoine screened Adoption 30 years after (ACIC-ONF/NFB), exhibited at Dazibao (Jan.-Mar., 2020, Montreal) and coordinate ‘ConnexiOnze‘ project (2020), an art residency & group show at PHI Foundation (Summer 2021), Queering Qualligraphy (2022) and POJA (2023) with the support of CCA.

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