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Anju Singh is a composer, musician, sound artist and media artist based in Vancouver, BC who works with strings, electronics, found sounds, and custom instruments. Anju’s practice is an exploration into the texture of sound with a focus on putting a microscope on timbre and micro-sounds or unwanted sounds, such as the brush of a bow against a string. She explores these sounds through the use of amplification, filter, EQ and silence/space, as well as juxtaposition of these sounds against traditional and aesthetic sounds that would typically be acceptably called “music”. Her love for classical music and noise both come together as a symbiotic relationship of mutual respect in her work.

Anju has applied her sound art practice and philosophy to her visual and video work as she explores the potential for video to further the experience of the sound exploration/experimentation in her music and sound compositions. Her video work varies from pieces with shots of Tarkovsky-esque moments in single scene environments to highly processed “zoomed” in studies on specific areas with texture at the core. Anju has been studying video and projection design under the mentorship of award winning projection designer Sammy Chien, and has recently been publicly showing work in a variety of environments.

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